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Vacations... In cottage at Domaine Cousineau
Camping at Centre de plein air La Seigneurie

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CHANDLER: this municipality is named for the Philadelphia industrialist who established the first pulp and paper mill in the Gaspé  area in 1912, Percy Milton Chandler.

At that time, the mill employed about 200 persons  most of them of Italian origin. Chandler was then a village, but later became a city in 1954.

 Today: An important regional center, you will find a variety of services and entertainment, (bars, discos and theatres).  In the summertime, many fishermen fish for Mackerel off its' pier. You can also see them at the superb beach located on the barachois of Grand Pabos Bay. Some very nice trails with walkways over the swamps have been set-up at the Lake Vachon Promenade in center town. Aside from bird-watching, you can learn about the area from information panels installed along the way. Another place to check out, is the marina, which is often the site of festivities.

 From Chandler to Pabos is about 6 kilometers

PABOS: Was an important fishing center before the British conquest of 1758. After a decline which lasted about 60 years, the village had only about 35 inhabitants in1819. Later on, many Irish families came established there. When the municipality was created in 1876, it covered all of the territory of the Pabos Seigneurie, that is from Pabos Mills to Little Pabos.

 Also known as Pabok (which means quiet waters in the Indian language).

 Today: A peaceful village located between two larger cities, (Chandler and Grande Rivière), its'population has doubled in the past 20 years. At the recreational park, you will see a horse-racing track, and a driving range. In the winter, alpine ski trails thrill sportsmen